Shouldn’t there be something more to purchasing software than just a contract?

Nonprofit Accounting Software - Atlanta, Washington DCWith Capitol NPS, your decision is based upon confidence that you have the right software and right partner. We call it boutique service. Why?

Providing Nonprofits with personalized support, a professional team,
and a Superior Client Experience for your fund accounting and fundraising software needs.

At Capitol NPS we strive to deliver a Superior Client Experience – we are interested in developing a long-term relationship that you value and find indispensable.

Confidence, Clarity, Control

Capitol NPS wants you to have complete control, clarity and confidence when it comes to your fund accounting and fundraising systems.

• Confidence – the confidence that comes with knowing you have made the best software selection for your nonprofit organization
• Clarity – the clarity of knowing how the software will solve today’s challenges and position you to achieve future organizational aspirations
• Control – the control and peace of mind that comes from having the necessary training to be proficient on the software

Award-winning software, support and training from a team of experienced professionals, and a dedication to nonprofits – it’s all part of our commitment to providing you with a great experience today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.

“Capitol Non Profit Solutions has been our business partner for over 5 years. Having a partner who is both a CPA with audit experience, and an expert in the not-for-profit sector has been a valuable asset for our organization. With today’s changing audit environment, it is especially helpful to have a partner with ready solutions for our needs.“

Controller, NCAI