You are not just one of the crowdYou are not just one of the crowd

You will receive individualized custom training by an
accountant who uses the software just as you do.

Implementation services:

Capitol NPS certified trainers have been implementing Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ and Abila Fundraising 50™ for over 14 years. It begins by understanding the hurdles you are faced with. Our goal is to make the implementation of your system as painless as possible. The implementation project includes:

  • Planning
  • Data base creation
  • Custom training in manageable components
  • On-site for implementation and follow up
  • Custom procedures manuals
  • On-going support

There is no template for training. Each client will receive customized training either on-site or web based for new and existing users.

On-site or web-based training includes:

  • Training in your database using your documents
  • Review of best practices and processes for each module
  • Individual attention, at your desk, one-on-one, at your pace
  • Daily agenda

Existing users may require a little different training. Typically, they will already understand the software concepts but need more advanced topics covered.

Annual Systems Review:

“Why is a systems review needed?” Why should you routinely check the tire pressure? Checking tire pressure ensures even tire wear, better mileage and detects other problems. An Annual Systems Review does just the same: checks for proper software usage, highlights easier routines, and can identify quicker ways to achieve the same goal.

Here is what Mary Scarpinato at the Council on Library and Information Resources in Washington, D.C. said about our Abila Fund Accounting review:

“I learned details about MIP software that I would never have had time to explore on my own.  You earned your fee within the first hour of your visit by suggesting new, more efficient, ways of setting up my defaults and offsets.  I could have stopped there and felt that I had gotten my money’s worth, but the day brought many more eye openers.  I believe that if I begin to fully utilize some of the features you showed me that I will greatly decrease the time involved in many of my accounting and financial reporting tasks.

My job as Director of Finance has numerous responsibilities and I often feel, as I’m sure many people do, that I only have time to put out fires and keep my head above water.  I often have good intentions and schedule training, only for the pressures of my schedule to force me to cancel.  I can tell you truly that after my experience yesterday the annual review will be the one training session that I will never again cancel or put off.  One day dedicated to ensuring that I’m using MIP to its full capacity has the potential of shaving days off my workload each year. Thank you for a very productive annual MIP review.”

The one day annual system review includes:

  • A review of administration, monthly procedures, security
  • Individual review of the use of each module in your system
  • Staff data entry review
  • Reporting
  • Documented analysis and recommendations upon completion

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