Ready to run your Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ on your own private cloud

Hosting for Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Keeping your data secure and accessible 24/7 means keeping the required infrastructure up and running without interruption.

Data storage is no small undertaking. Hardware and software have to be installed, maintained and updated frequently which costs time, attention and money. With a hosted solution, private cloud hosting lets you turn the job over and rest easy, knowing your data is completely safe and at your fingertips when you need it.Capitol NPS is proud to offer hosting services for Abila MIP Fund Accounting.  Without software or hardware to maintain, your organization will reduce the IT expense and hassle previously connected to running your fund accounting software in house.

Hosting in the Cloud is easy.

“The cloud” refers to a cluster of servers that work together to make your life easier. The resources that support your applications are distributed across multiple servers and rendered on an as-needed basis. This means a lot less downtime if a server malfunctions—often none at all. And with multiple servers available to share the work, you can tap additional bandwidth only when you need it to manage peak loads more efficiently.

Benefits to hosting Abila MIP in the cloud.

  • Continuous support provided by MIP certified professionals.
  • No hassles. All upgrades and updates are taken care of for you.
  • Increased reliability and less down time. Disaster recover planning is done for you so you can always access your system.
  • Savings, Savings, Savings. Time and cost savings are realized when you turn over the task of supporting your Abila MIP application.
  • Remote access. Always secure and always dependable.

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